Redline Shirt and H&T Daily Update

Redline Angled Close-Up

Just in time for holiday shopping madness, we’re pleased to introduce our newest shirt, Redline. Our first design to use American Apparel’s 50/50 Poly-Cotton Blend shirts, Redline has instantly become one of our personal favorites.

Some may focus on the speedometer, but if you ask us, the only gauge that matters is the rev counter. Winding it towards the redline, pressed into your seat while the harmonious sound of bare power swells to a fever pitch—your focus on the road increases concordantly until it consists simply of: here, now. Here, now. We strive to live at the redline.

(Also, when you look in the mirror, it’s an accurate portrayal of your gas gauge after all that red-lining.)

Redline Shirt and Close Up

H&T Daily Update

Caymans S Re-Badged, Close Up

We’ve done some minor fiddling with the H&T 981 Cayman S daily driver. First up was removing the chrome badges on the rear hatch and replacing them with OEM matte black and a very non-OEM red. The chrome on white was unpleasant to our eyes and nothing else on the car’s exterior is chrome, whereas matte black abounds, and the glossy red is a fun little touch complimenting the brake calipers. It proved to be a simple but elbow-greasy DIY project.

Rebadge in progress Collage
And then we replaced the sub-par Goodyears that came with the car with some fresh Michelin Pilot Super Sports. We had MPSS on our previous M235i and were impressed not just by their performance in the dry, but more so by how well they did during year-round service in our wet and cold Willamette Valley winters. After a couple months with the Goodyears, we weren’t satisfied at all with their performance in the wet (which, ok, they are summer tires after all), but their dry performance also left a bit to be desired. Most irksome was their characteristics on the edge of traction: rather than a linear progression from holding to sliding, the Goodyears would simply start skipping—not a pleasant feeling. The MPSS have us in our happy place and we’ll be excited in a couple years to test out the new Michelin Pilot Sport 4 S.

Bokeh as Hell Photo pf Mounted MPSS

Shirts in the Wild

Lastly, thanks to these rad and stylish folks for sending their photos in: Tom (@porsche_lab) with Magnus Walker at SEMA, Danny (@DaZiPhoto) with his Silverstone F82 M4, and Ashley (@blu.meanie) with her Lapiz Blue MKVII Golf R. We always love to see our gear out in the wild; tag us (@heelandtoeapparel) on Instagram or Facebook, or just send us an email the old-fashioned way (, and in addition to making our day, you could also be featured in a future blog post.

Tom @Porsche_Lab with Magnus Walker at SEMA

Danny with his Silverstone M4

Ashley @blu.meanie with her Golf R