About Us

I started Heel & Toe because no one was making the driving shirts I wanted to wear, thinking it would be a fun project to work on in my spare time. After five years of experimenting with new ideas, connecting with a passionate group of manual driving enthusiasts, and mailing out many thousands of packages around the world, I’m proud to say that H&T has become my full-time job.

Our aim is to make designs that distill a pure love of driving in a timeless and tasteful fashion. We also believe that the shirt itself—its comfort, longevity, and how it’s sourced—is just as important as the designs printed on it. We make shirts that you will love to wear.

At the end of every weekday, I load all the orders into the H&T Daily—my modified Porsche 981 Cayman S—and drive them to the post office, windows down, tickling the redline, not wishing to be anywhere else.

H&T Daily 981 S making the daily drop at the Post Office

The Heel & Toe Difference

Our shirts aren’t cheap because our shirts aren’t cheap. For most automotive-related apparel, the shirts themselves are a total afterthought and that is evident in the finished product.

  • Our shirts are primarily made in the USA, and I pack every order myself—they aren’t made in sweatshops and drop-shipped from China.
  • We use the best blanks we can source, made with premium materials, not the cheapest.
  • Our shirts are silk-screened by experienced craftsmen in Portland, Oregon, not printed on demand with a glorified inkjet printer.
  • We use soft-touch, water-based inks that dye the fabric and age gracefully, not thick and stiff plastisol inks that crack and fall apart with time.

On our website you won’t see any idealized renderings that bear little resemblance to the finished product—every photograph is of a production item, just like the one we ship to you. We want you to know exactly what you are buying because we are proud of our products.

And lastly, you will find our customer service is second-to-none. As a one-man operation, the buck stops with me, and that means I will do everything in my power to make sure you are satisfied.

–Scott Ogilvie, Owner

Heel & Toe Apparel
PO Box 3141
Salem, OR 97302


We’re stoked to have provided award-winning automotive journalist Henry Catchpole with the perfect shirt for his Manuals Matter video. While rocking our Manual Shirt, he penned a brilliant and beautiful cinematic love letter to the manual transmission:

“Fundamentally, the manual heightens your awareness and interaction with almost every facet of the car. It adds a very distinct layer of tactility . . . Involvement is the critical word when considering why the manual shift has survived, why it should be treasured.”

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