Twisties Shirt and New H&T Daily

Twisties Shirt Close-Up

We’re excited to announce that our most colorful shirt to date, Twisties, is now available for sale.

Perhaps nothing elicits a smile in true drivers as reliably as the universal road sign for Winding Road. Wear this shirt and witness first-hand the Pavlovian reaction of the drivers you encounter as their faces light up and moods become instantly gleeful. This vibrant and sunny shirt is the perfect ticket to cut out from work early and seek out some twisties in the sunshine.

Twisties Shirt and Close-Up

New H&T Daily Driver

Porsche 981 Cayman S

We picked up a new H&T daily driver in September, which meant saying goodbye to our beloved BMW M235i, and hello to our new (to us) Porsche 981 Cayman S. We spent months scouring the internet for a build with all the ludicrous number of options we “needed” to have (and without the ones we didn’t want) and finally found this one to ship over from Honolulu. We find this to be a very appropriate transport vehicle for delivering H&T packages to the post office.

It’s a six-speed manual (of course), with the X73 Sport Suspension (2cm lower, stiffer springs and dampers, and hardcore sway bars on both ends), manual Sport Plus seats, Sport Exhaust, 20" Carrera S wheels, button-free Sport Design steering wheel, and various other bits. And hey, if you force us to take ventilated seats, well, guess we won’t say no. If the word ‘Sport’ appearing four times even in that brief description doesn’t make it clear, our intention is to make this a true driver’s car. Follow us on Instagram to see what will surely be copious amounts of photos as well as documentation of the various modifications we make over the next few years, and stay-tuned to this blog where we plan to pen several posts specifically discussing different aspects of the car, from the purchase process to in-depth reviews to future plans.

Shirts in the Wild

Lastly, thanks to these stylish folks for sending their photos in: Ben at Big SoCal Euro, and Brendon with his son Hank in front of their 1986 911. We always love to see our gear out in the wild; tag us (@heelandtoeapparel) on Instagram or Facebook, or just send us an email the old-fashioned way (, and in addition to making our day, you could also be featured in a future blog post.