No Limits Shirt and H&T Daily Update

No Limits Detail

Spring is here at last and we're debuting a radiant new shirt to celebrate the emerging sunshine of the driving season. No Limits is our second design printed on the much-loved American Apparel 50/50 poly-blend tee, this time on a Neon Blue Heather that is as incredibly soft as it is vibrant.

This shirt features the legendary German road sign 282, found on the best stretches of the Autobahn, marking the “end of all restrictions.” Perhaps bombing through the German countryside with no speed limit is a memory from a European delivery—or a memory yet to be made—but the freedom of driving without limits can be found anywhere, anytime in those secret moments when everything else fades away leaving only you, the road, and the horizon.

H&T Daily Update

We’ve done a handful of minor mods and work to our 981 Cayman S H&T daily driver in the past few months. We finally got our Oregon plates, and when we found out ‘6MT’ was somehow still available, it was the clear choice. We also had the paint corrected to remove the imperfections accrued during the original owner’s first 8,000 Hawaiian miles, and sealed it up with some Optimum Gloss-Coat. It appears this was the first time the paint was ever corrected or coated, so it came out looking better than it ever has before.

Our only frustration with the car’s performance has been the difficulty of heel-toeing with the pedals in their factory locations. We use the forefoot rolling method to heel-toe (as opposed to the literal heel and toe method) and the gas pedal was too far below and right of the brake pedal for this to be comfortable during casual driving. Under hard breaking as one would do on the track, the locations would be fine, but since we are the kind of maniacs who heel-toe during our daily driving, the stock set-up left something to be desired. Luckily Rennline came to our rescue with their fully-adjustable gas pedal. We brought it about .25” towards the driver and used the side-extension plates, and it is absolutely perfect—problem solved.

And finally, we lucked out and scooped up the brushed aluminum dash trim kit from Suncoast on an open-box close-out. Using this to replace the standard glossy plastic-chrome trim took care of the only eye-sore in the otherwise superb interior. In addition to feeling cheap and chintzy, the glossy finish was perpetually covered in finger prints as it was the touch point to deploy the cupholders *and* had a five-year-old sitting in front of it daily.

2017 Coastal Range Rally

We were extremely happy to sponsor Driving While Awesome’s second Coastal Range Rally in February. The rally is focused on the things we love most about cars and driving and judging by the accounts of various participants, it was a true success. The rad video above by Jeff B captures the spirit quite well, and the video below by Motor Affair has some unreal sights and sounds from the rally; and you can also check out the hashtag #CRR2017 on Instagram for thorough photo documentation.