Manual Shirt
Manual Shirt
Manual Shirt
Manual Shirt

Manual Shirt

$ 32.00

There is no truer connection between a driver and their car than a manual transmission. If you believe a perfect launch consists of more than pressing a button, if you get more joy from shifting your own gears than saving .2s between shifts, if you get more satisfaction from creating harmony between clutch, throttle and gear selector than mashing down on a gas pedal—this shirt is for you. To proudly broadcast our allegiance, we’ve distilled our primal love of driving down to a simple, elegant, iconic symbol.

  • Silky-soft premium Los Angeles Apparel Tri-Blend shirt made in the USA
  • Water-based discharge ink for supple feel and vintage look
  • Printed collar 'tag' replaces itchy fabric tag
  • Embroidered H&T hem tag for bespoke feel

You like details? So do we:

The Shirt

We use a Tri-Blend Los Angeles Apparel shirt for this design, made proudly sweatshop-free in the United States. This incredibly soft and light shirt is the most comfortable we’ve ever worn and will become your go-to favorite. Sure, these cost us a few more dollars than other brands, but we believe the premium quality is worth every penny. Polyester (50%) retains shape and elasticity; Ring-Spun Cotton (25%) lends both comfort and durability; the addition of Rayon (25%) makes for a unique texture and drapes against the body for a slimming look.

 The Printing

Our shirts are silk-screened by skilled craftsmen in Orlando, Florida, at a shop renowned for their work with water-based and discharge inks. Unlike plastisol inks which place a layer of plastic-like ink on the surface, these special inks actually dye the fibers of the fabric. This leaves a printed area that is light and soft to the touch that won't crack and disintegrate from wear and washing. When using a lighter ink on a darker shirt (such as this design), a discharge agent is added to the ink that bleaches the original dye from the organic fabric; this creates a distinct heathered effect when used on poly-blend fabric, giving the print a broken-in or vintage feel.

Every order includes our H&T Sticker Card for free.

Shirt pictured is size large after being washed.

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