We Are Not Raising Our Prices . . . Yet

Since I began Heel & Toe six years ago, we haven't raised our prices at all. Cost increases from regular inflation were balanced out by increases in volume, and I was happy to be able to keep the prices stable even as the costs were not. But the past year has seen extraordinary inflation and corresponding cost increases in both production and material costs. Shirt blanks alone have increased in cost by over 10% from a year ago. We just did a massive restock and only by placing our largest production order ever (by a factor of three), and leveraging ourselves to a dangerous degree, were we able to put a dent in the cost increases. But the writing is on the wall, and we won't be able to keep the inflation at bay forever. I hope to be able to hold off on a small price increase until 2023, but I can't make any promises—so please consider this fair warning, and thank you, as always, for your patronage that makes Heel & Toe possible.