New Sizes & New stickers

We're three months into this adventure and the first and most important question has been answered: Is this going to work? Yes, this is going to work! Thanks so much to everyone who has sent us an email, bought some shirts, followed us on Instagram, or told peeps about us. You are why this is working and we're very excited to settle in and find our groove as we go forward. We're thrilled to be part of this community brought together by a love of driving.

One of our favorite aspects of car culture is how the passion for cars brings together an amazingly diverse group of people with all kinds of varied interests from all walks of life. And thusly, one of our core values as a member of this community is inclusiveness—if you love driving, you are one of us regardless of what car you drive, how old you are, what you look like, where you come from, and so on. And towards this end, we're very grateful for those of you pointing out we'd made a mistake with the sizing of our initial offering of shirts: we relied a spot too much on our screen-printer's suggestion for which sizes to print, and totally neglected those best fit by XS and XXL shirts. This was a fuck-up on our end, and we're genuinely sorry for the error.

We had to wait until the second printings of the shirts to fix this, but now we've just restocked three of our shirts and while doing so, rectified our biggest mistake (so far) by adding XXL and XS sizes. Going forward we'll be sure all our designs will be available in the full range of XS through XXL.

And, hot off the presses (or crazy frickin' laser-cutters as the case may be), we have some new stickers featuring our Manual design. Display your loyalty to the one true transmission with these sharp, minimalist vinyl transfer stickers. The simple design in basic white vinyl makes for a tasteful proclamation that will adhere to just about any surface. Get 'em here.

 Showered with Praise

We also wanted to highlight some of the feedback we've been very excited to receive. Our gratitude to everyone who has sent us comments—we always want to hear what you think of our products and are very open to suggestions on how to improve; just shoot an email to

We'll start things off with the guys from our favorite podcast Driving While Awesome briefly discussing how super soft and comfy our shirts are, how people give you thumbs up all the time, and alternate explanations for people who ask what 'heel and toe' means:

And via email:
“Shirts arrived today, nice quality. Would definitely buy again. Keep up the good work.”
– Lars (our first customer)
“I love the shirts as does everyone who asks me about them.”
– Christopher
“Thanks for the quick response. Always good to see examples of great customer service.”
– Mark
“Great! Thank you, I will definitely recommend you guys.”
– Andrew
And lastly, wanted to give a shout out to these folks who went above and beyond the call in spreading the good word—couldn't have done it without their help: Shark Werks @sharkwerks, Driving While Awesome @drivingwhileawesome, European Car Mag @europeancarmag, Tom @porsche_lab, and Ben @helloitsben