Shifter Hoodies


Summer held on as long as it could, but fall has finally descended upon us here in Oregon. That means it's time for some new hoodies to keep you nice and toasty this winter—we're pleased to introduce our new line of Shifter hoodies. Our clean, iconic Shifter design on three distinct fabrics: a stealthy dark grey blend, a refreshing mint tri-blend, and our first thermal. The thermal is soft, thin, and dense, excellent for layering, and the other two are lined with plush fleece to bundle you up in all kinds of coziness. Hands down the most comfortable way to pledge your allegiance to rowing your own gears.

Manuals Matter

We’re stoked to have provided award-winning automotive journalist Henry Catchpole with the perfect shirt for his Manuals Matter GT3 video. While rocking our Manual Shirt, he penned a brilliant and beautiful cinematic love letter to the manual transmission. It's a true honor to be part of the film.

“Fundamentally, the manual heightens your awareness and interaction with almost every facet of the car. It adds a very distinct layer of tactility . . . Involvement is the critical word when considering why the manual shift has survived, why it should be treasured.”

Henry wearing our Manual Shirt.