New H&T Hats and a Trip to SharkWerks

Trio of New Hats

Summer may be winding down, but there is still plenty of sunshine left, so we're pleased to announce a trio of new H&T hats to keep you in the shade.

We've expanded our hat lineup with three new iterations, each an inverse of the original: the new Dad Hat is a literal inversion, with light on dark; the new Trucker Hat trades in structure for a relaxed fit and worn-in look; the new Manual Hat forgoes stealth with it's show-stopping melton wool and contrasting 3D embroidery.

A Trip to SharkWerks

In August we took a 1,500 mile road trip to SharkWerks, renowned Porsche performance shop in Fremont, California, to get the H&T Daily 981 S a little sharkification. An IPD plenum, 997 GT3 throttle body, BMC air filters, and EVOMSit SharkWerks tune were installed, finished with the SharkWerks x-pipe exhaust tips to tie it all together. We stretched the 981's refreshed legs on our return journey via some of the best driving roads we've ever driven (shoutout to Leggett!), and the eagerness and new sounds of the engine were beyond expectations. Bombing through the dense woods on banked slaloms with a roaring, throaty howl and crazy push from 5k RPMs made for memories not soon forgotten.

Below are some photos we took during our day at the shop, including the famed SharkWerks' GT4, 997 GT3 RS 4.1, and Sharky 964. [Click on images for hi-res version]. A huge thanks to Alex, Dan, James, and Miguel for their hospitality and generosity of spirit that made our visit delightful. We can't recommend them enough. You can read more about SharkWerks in this great piece on Speedhunters.