New Crest Hoodie and Long Sleeve

Summer is trying to hold on, but fall is officially here, and the cooler weather is just around the corner. That means it’s time to get out and drive while the roads are just right, and, we’ve got some new gear to keep you warm as temperatures start dropping . . .

Our driver’s coat of arms, the Heel & Toe Crest, printed intricately on the left breast in gold and black and a large print on the left sleeve with a bold and simple design printed in a stealthy black with an ampersand that pops in a matching gold, oriented so as to be readable when driving with one’s arm on the window sill to show everyone how you roll.

The tri-blend fleece hoodie is our all-time snuggliest, made with polyester from recycled plastic bottles, organic ring-spun cotton and Rayon. And our first long sleeve shirt is a silky soft poly-blend that will keep your arms a little warmer as the sun thankfully begins to set on 2020 🎉. Both have our signature dark-heathered-grey visual texture.