Manual Socks, New SharkWerks Gear, and H&T Daily Update

We’ve collaborated with our friends at striipe to make the perfect driver’s sock: a breathable construction with moisture-wicking fabric to keep those hard-working tootsies dry and cool when it’s hot and warm when it’s cold, a comfortable elasticity to prevent them from bunching up during enthused pedal-pushing, and remarkable durability to last a lifetime of heel-toeing.

This sock features our new Manual Stripe design, making stripes out of eight different shift patterns—from a seven-speed to a four-speed in various configurations—to celebrate a pure love of driving with a cryptogram that any driver can decipher. Available in two colorways.

New SharkWerks Hoodie, Shirt, and Hat

Speaking of collaborations, we've done a bunch of new projects with the boys at SharkWerks, all of which are available exclusively from their website: a toasty 964 hoodie, a silky-soft Outlaw GT2 shirt and an old-school trucker hat. They all came out most splendidly as you can see below.

H&T Daily Update

Since our last update, where we had a fun visit with SharkWerks,  we’ve done a bit more work on the H&T 981 Cayman S daily driver. Firstly, we bid adieu to our beloved Pilot Super Sports, who valiantly gave their lives over 12,000 miles of driving glory, and replaced them with the new hotness from Michelin, the Pilot Sport 4S. These tires have been spectacular through the winter and spring, showing how far ‘summer’ tires have come with their wet-weather handling—even in the rainy cold of the PNW they have grip for days. We’re excited to get them out on some hot, dry asphalt shortly.

Next, we installed a GT4 rear brace which has no equivalent part on the Cayman S from the factory. It attaches to the rear subframe in front of the anti-roll bar bushings, strengthening the rear suspension and stiffening things up a bit back there. It did require a tiny bit of grinding to fit without squeaking due to the x73 anti-roll bar being slightly thicker than the one on the GT4. Its impact is so subtle I’d feel silly saying I can feel the difference, but knowing it's there is nice and doubtlessly it does improve handling, to some degree.

Lastly, we installed Soul Long Tube Street Headers, the final step after previously adding an IPD plenum, GT3 82mm throttle body, BMC air filters, SharkWerks x-pipe exhaust tips, and EVOMSit tune. The headers sport a beautiful design and finish and also feature a high-flow cat that allows the tune to squeeze a bit more horsepower out of the 3.4l. Combined with the Porsche Sport Exhaust, the car now provides quite the aural experience during spirited drives: A fair bit more volume, to be sure, but also a much richer sound, fleshing out the baritone notes in the spectrum, which combines perfectly with the snarly, rough edge created by the increased air intake and x-pipe merge. This car always sounded good, now it sounds simply amazing; cruising around town at 3k RPMs sounds just delightful and ripping through the rev range transports the driver into another dimension. And it’s a bit quicker too. We've posted a short video below with a small sound sample of a cold start and warm revs, but despite our best efforts, it doesn’t really do it justice.