Late Apex & Livery Stickers

We're thrilled to announce our first track-inspired shirt, Late Apex. This is our first new design post-launch, with more in the pipeline—thanks for all your support that has enabled us to explore new ideas!

The perfect shirt for all who seek the truest racing line on their morning commute while dreaming of track days. Our most abstracted design yet, Late Apex’s delightfully asymmetrical artwork mirrors the technical beauty of achieving precise balance using an imbalanced approach. Brake hard, turn in late, and get on the throttle early in this driver’s edition of the standard striped shirt.

We've also had a bit of fun making some new stickers. Why choose between our favorite liveries when we can have them both? The H&T logo in the two classics—laser die-cut from thick, durable vinyl, digitally printed and covered with a UV laminate. Set of two stickers, each 3"w x 1.5"h.